The clinic is first and foremost and paediatric clinic for children. In Holland children are first seen by a general practitioner and referred to a paediatrician only if the case is too complicated for the general practitioner to treat. In most other countries paediatricians are the 1st line doctors for children.

The clinic has for 20 years now worked with Dutch house doctors in our area and in other parts of the country who regularly refer children through to us. International insured patients can access the clinic without referral letters.

The clinic is an outpatient service and not an acute or after-hours service. We do however have a close working relationship with the paediatricians in the HMC Hospitals (Haaglanden Medisch Centrum) in the Hague.  If children are very sick and need admission or emergency care paediatrician to paediatrician referrals are made speeding up the hospital referral and treatment process.

The clinic has over the years developed certain areas of expertise. Here are a few examples:

The clinic can carry out its own allergy tests. For many years now I attend the bi-annual European Allergy meetings and keep up to date on the latest developments in allergy care. We work in close association with the Allergy Centre in Delft and refer more complex cases if needed. Allergies like dust, pollen and certain food allergies can be treated in the clinic.

A paediatrician treats skin conditions by looking at all aspects of your child’s health. The clinic has developed a high level of expertise in treating eczema. With more complex dermatology issues we refer through to other dermatology clinics in the area or if needed even to the Sofia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam.

Asthma, hay-fever and recurrent chest infections are common problems treated in the clinic. We can carry out our own respiratory function tests and follow up on asthma patients. Integrative treatment options are often combined with physiotherapy and conventional medications in these treatments.  If needed children can be referred to specialised paediatric pulmonologists in surrounding hospitals.

The clinic applies a true integrative approach in treating children with conditions like chronic abdominal pain, constipation or eating problems. If needed children are referred to gastroenterologists in surrounding academic hospitals with which we have close working relationships. This to make sure no pathology is being missed.

Due to my many years working as a neonatologist in the United Kingdom I have an interest in treating the various problems of children in their 1st year of life. Conditions like colic, poor feeding, irritability, suspected allergies and early-stage eczema are a few examples. We work closely with specialised paediatric physiotherapists, speech therapists, dieticians as well as osteopaths in these cases.

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