We have OVER 19 YEARS of experience in treating children with various medical complaints. The practice is unique in the Netherlands due to its combination of regular and alternative (integrative) paediatric treatments. Dr. Buskin is the English and Dutch speaking paediatrician running the clinic. We take plenty of time for each consultation, about 2 to 3 times more than consultations in the hospital system. In many other countries paediatric specialists are the only doctor’s treating children and this practice aims to provide the same specialist care.

Conventional medical treatments do not always remedy a child’s complaints. The next step could be to seek help in the “alternative medicine” world. Given the wide range, such a choice is not easy. Homeopathy is one of the best-known forms of alternative medicine and is ideally suited for children. Homeopathy is safe and has little to no side effects. The practice offers a combined treatment approach of conventional and alternative/integrative medicine. Conventional medical knowledge and pharmaceutical drugs combined with alternative medicine. In essence, you have the best of both worlds.

The practice deals with a wide spectrum of childhood problems:
– Chronic colds
– Asthma and recurrent shortness of breath in young children
– Crying and irritable babies
– Allergies eg. hay fever, dust mites and pollen allergies
– Eating problems in young children
– Abdominal complaints like constipation, reflux and others
– Skin problems including eczema, skin infections, warts
– Incontinence, and bed wetting
– Recurrent respiratory infections
– Constipation
– Children who are often ill

The clinic works with a broad base of medical practitioners. If necessary, the practice can send your child for further examination and treatment. This can be done with specialist paediatricians in the hospital system eg. paediatric cardiologists or paediatric gastroenterologists. Referrals can also be made to other specialists such as dermatologists and Ear Nose and Throat doctors.

Paramedics and other alternative and complementary practitioners such as physiotherapists, speech therapists and osteopaths can also be involved in the treatment. Examples are:
– Physiotherapists
– Speech therapists
– Osteopaths
– Dietitians
– Psychologists

The clinics aim is to be as up to date as possible as to effective treatments both within and outside the conventional medical system.

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