From mid-October this year, we will open a new clinic in The Hague at a fantastic location in het Statenkwartier. Dr. Buskin will be working partly in Wassenaar, partly in The Hague. Via our website we will inform patients at which location dr. Buskin will be working throughout the week.

Practice address The Hague: Prins Mauritsplein 24, 2582 ND Den Haag

What we do to protect you
• The practice is thoroughly cleaned at the beginning of each day with a professional virus disinfectant.
• All surfaces are wiped with 80% alcohol after each consultation.
• Professional ventilation system to ventilate the practice and waiting area.
• Professional air filter system to remove contaminants, including viruses and bacteria from the air (UV light).
• Dr. Buskin wears a mask and gloves at all times.


Would you like to make an appointment at the practice for the first time?
Then we request that you contact us. We will inform you extensively about our treatments and determine whether your request for help fits within our practice.

Registration and referral
Do you have Dutch health insurance? A referral from your doctor is then necessary. You can then email us the referral so that we can assess it.
After approval of the referral, we request that you register your son / daughter. This can be done via our website.

If you have foreign / international insurance, then a house doctor referral is not necessary.

Online booking
Already a patient in the practice? You can also book your appointments yourself via our website. There are 3 options:
1. Acute consultation
2. Non-acute / follow-up consultation
3. General annual health check

If you are unsure about your choice, please contact the practice. We are happy to help you. You can of course also call the practice to make an appointment.

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