In the clinic the emphasis is on a holistic approach. A good reaction to a homeopathic medication often means an overall improvement in the wellbeing of your child. For example, in treating an allergic child, not only will the allergy resolve but also the child will become more settled, sleeping and eating better than before. An asthmatic child will not only become less wheezy but will have more energy. The immune system begins to function better and children become ill less frequently. Children who respond to homeopathic remedies become happier within themselves and can achieve their full potential.

Doctors, in their treatment, tend to focus mainly on the superficial symptoms of an illness. Once these have been treated the child is considered cured. This is often achieved by suppressing symptoms, which often, in time return. An example is eczema treated with steroid creams. Once the cream is stopped the eczema generally returns. This clinic attempts to find and treat the source of your child’s illness, thus preventing it recurring.

Integrative pediatrics brings together the best of all medical treatment worlds by blending holistic, complementary, and alternative care with conventional medicine. It supports the inner capacity of the human mind and body to heal. Integrative pediatrics acknowledges that there is a place and time for various modes of medicine. Often, in emergency situations, state-of-the-art conventional medical care is needed to save lives. In other cases, from repeated common colds to a chronic autoimmune illness, a more gentle, holistic option is the way to go.

In many countries integrative pediatrics is already blending into conventional hospital and out-patient care. Some examples are:

- Cleveland Clinic Children's Integrative Medicine - USA   

- Children's Minnesota Integrative Medicine - USA

- Boston Children's Hospital Integrative Therapies Team - USA  

- Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Integrative Health - USA

In Holland we can be proud of being open minded and at the forefront of many medical advances. However, in the field of integrative medicine we are trailing far behind. This I am sure will soon change as is happening in the USA, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries with medical doctors at the lead.  

Here are some links to some useful integrative medicine websites:
The University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine 

Dr Weil – founder of the 1st integrative medicine specialization for doctors

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